Yamaha Kunststoff Blatt für Tenorsaxophon

Yamaha Kunststoff Blatt für Tenorsaxophon

Lieferbar: Juni 2022

Yamaha synthetic reeds emphasise easy playability and tone production. Even players using a synthetic reed for the first time will benefit from natural embouchure and playing feel over a wide pitch range, so they can concentrate more fully on the performance. Durability and safety are essential features too so that players can use the reed longer and in a safe way.

In addition to easy playability and sound production, these synthetic reeds give beginning players low resistance with appearance and texture that are similar to natural reed.

1) Material: A new formulation based on fibrous material. Similar tone to natural reed.

2) Texture: Simulated reed texture for natural feel. Similar look and feel to natural reed.

3) Shape: Original shape with central rib. Well-balanced playability throughout the instrument’s range.

4) Heat treatment: Synthetic reeds are fully heat treated. Deep tone and smooth sound production.

5) Engraved reed number: The reed number is laser-engraved on the outer surface. Durable, Legible marking. (The Yamaha logo is engraved in the inner surface)

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