SD Systems LCM 80 EW dubbele microfoon voor sopraan saxofoon

SD Systems LCM 80 EW dubbele microfoon voor sopraan saxofoon

SD Systems LCM 80 EW  dubbel microfoonsysteem voor sopraan saxofoon

Dit is een topmicrofoon!!!; dubbel uitgevoerd en met een extra warme klank: de beide microfoons staan boven op de microfoon!


The LCM80EW model, with two mic’s positioned above the instrument, produces an Extra Warm sound while it doesn’t amplify the sharper sound coming from the bell. Designed in cooperation with Bill Evans.

SD Systems offers an extensive range of instrument mikes for musicians who need to move freely and also require reliable top sound quality.
A soprano produces a warm and rich "mellow" sound coming from the middle part, the 'high' tones (more sharp and harsh frequencies) are coming from the top. The LCM80 has two mikes in the right places and they are precisely balanced!
In this way you will get a perfect reproduction of the whole instruments sound spectrum. That's why the real pro loves the LCM80!
Both adjustable elements are mounted completely shock-free and have exchangeable clamps for different soprano-models

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